A Better Me?

A Better Me?

This isn’t a usual post in that, first of all, I am going to have a little rant, then I will follow it up with, what I think, is a bit of good news (for me at least).


While I have nothing against¬†any of my fellow MUA’s or people in the Makeup/Beauty Industry, I do think that some people tend to get overlooked, while some get everything handed to them. Yes, some people work bloody hard but, often, they are over looked too. (Example being Wayne Goss, a qualified MUA, who works damn hard for everything but literally has to beg companies for PR Samples…he did a video on this, which resonated with me. You can watch it here).


So, while I am happy plodding along, doing makeup jobs that I enjoy, I am definitely one of the lowest paid in the industry; probably because I choose to keep my prices low for my Clients, as I believe everyone should be able to afford an MUA at some point. However, that said, it would be nice to, maybe once in a while, be able to get a high profile job, eg assisting/leading a creative team, TV work, etc., or even being in a position to be sent PR Samples as regularly as some others in the industry.


People that have been supporting me for some time will know that I do not blog just for the sake of blogging. I only ever blog when I find a product that I love! However, if I were sent PR Samples regularly I would blog every week and, as always, the blog would be honest. Perhaps that alone would be enough to get me noticed more? It seems to work for some others.


I am very lucky that I have been speaking with Daniel Sandler recently and, very kindly, he has agreed to send me one of his new mascaras to review (you can buy it here) so keep an eye out for that later. But, as a rule, I don’t get sent Makeup to review and, like Wayne, I buy 99% of all Makeup that I own.


I know that there are some people in the Beauty Industry that get jealous and want no one near people/products they work with and, as such, will go out of their way to be as unhelpful as possible. I have experienced this first hand, clearly I just rub some people up the wrong way, as I have seen that same person handing out PR Samples left, right and center, and promoting other people all over Social Media but, clearly, there is something about me that isn’t “worthy”.


It does annoy me because, as a struggling family, any little bit of money that I earn from jobs is a bonus, very literally. It is that money that will enable us to have a day out that, ordinarily, we wouldn’t have, it enables us to buy our little boy an extra toy or spend that bit more money to get the present that he really wants but, regardless of this, we still manage and have a very happy family life.


I also have a few “invisible illnesses” (which, in my and other suffers’ minds, should be classed as disabilities). I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E), Joint Hypermobility (the painful version) and Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Basically I am in pain all the time! Yet I still do my job. Yes, it may take me a little longer, and I may fidget when I am standing. Also I have found that the pain makes me sweat (on my face, not the gross underarm variety), but I still push through. Why? Because I love doing makeup on people.


It’s true what they say; “do something you love and you will never work a day in your life”. I do love doing makeup. I love playing with makeup, either on myself or other people but, I still don’t seem to get any recognition for this.¬† I enjoy being Freelance/Self-Employed as it enables me to fit my “work” around my family life, so it suits me fine.


Perhaps one of the reasons I’m not booked, sent PR Samples, etc (even though I do market myself as a BBlogger too), is because, unlike Wayne Goss, I don’t have a certificate. I did train through a Makeup School but, due to ill health, was unable to complete the course in the allocated time and, as such, all the previous training I had done, was null and void and I therefore did not receive a Certificate.


I have now joined a Course run by a different Makeup School and there is no time limit. I can complete the course at my own pace without having to rush through work for deadlines and, at the end, I will get a certificate stating that I am a qualified Makeup Artist. Not for one moment do I expect my world to change over night, again Wayne is a perfect example, but it means that I will at least be able to show people the Certificate, and, when I am buying Makeup I can at least sign up to the “Pro” Scheme and receive some sort of a discount.


I’m not doing the Course for anyone’s benefit, but my own. It is something that I want to do for me and, as such, I am spending a lot of money paying for it. Do I expect that I will be considered for jobs after I get my certificate? No. Do I think that I will be sent PR Samples, either as a BBlogger or a Qualified MUA to review? No. Do I want the Certificate just so I know that I have it and that I am just as worthy as others out there? Yes. And, of course, the Pro-Discount will come in handy when spending the 100’s of pounds per year on new Makeup.


I’m not sure how this will come across to people reading it but, just to finish, I am not bitter. I do not begrudge anyone their success, whether worked for or handed to them. I do not begrudge people PR Samples and, for one minute, do not think I deserve free products, it would just be nice to get a couple every now and again.


Make of this what you will, but I know the point I was trying to make. I am now going to study the first module of my Course and start my journey to being a better me!


Until next time, stay beautiful.

Gem x




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