Makeup Revolution “Lip Lava” Review

Makeup Revolution “Lip Lava” Review

As seen in previous blogs of mine, Makeup Revolution are constantly evolving in terms of their products, but when they released their “Lip Lavas” as part of their I Heart Makeup Range in January, Social Media went mad for them. Needless to say, I “needed” to get these new products and find out just what the buzz was all about.


Lip Lava – Liquid Lipstick
Lip Lava is a super intense liquid formula with nourishing Vitamin E.



You would be forgiven for, at first, thinking that Lip Lava is just another Lipgloss in a slightly funky looking packaging, but you’d be wrong.


With its sponge tip for application, this product goes on effortlessly and a little bit really does go a long way.


Taken indoors, by a window, with no flash


The product does initially apply like a lipgloss, in that it is liquid and glossy at first, but the longevity of them is more like one of those x many hours lip lacquers, without the fuss of the separate balm – in fact, the “balm” aspect is built in with Lip Lava.


I have found the best way to get a really good and long lasting colour payoff is to apply 1 thin coat first, and let it dry, almost to a matte finish and then apply another slightly thicker coat over the top. This gives you a high colour, glossy finish that, over the course of several hours, will eventually wear off, leaving behind a colour intense, matte “stain” on the lips.


  (Lip pictures taken on different days and in different lighting)

Available in 5 glorious shades, Lip Lava really is the must have lip product for 2015 (I only hope that Makeup Revolution intend to release more shades later in the year).




Until next time, stay beautiful
~ Gem x



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